I’m Osayi. I’m a writer and editor.
(In case you missed the front page, Osayi sounds like oh-sigh-yee. You got this.)

My clients include media publications, nonprofit organizations, and tech companies. I’m associate editor at the Southern Foodways Alliance, where I help produce the quarterly magazine Gravy, among other projects. I also write marketing content for IBM and work with other clients on their editorial needs.

Past jobs I’ve had that gave me “character”:

  • designer jeans folder
  • charming (or discerning) restaurant hostess, as the scenario required
  • assistant to Diana Ross
  • terrible, horrible, no-good barista

You’re looking at a California native (WEST COAST!!) who became a for-real adult in Atlanta, and is now Florida-based. My MFA in writing is from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I have a BA in French from the University of California, Los Angeles, where I also minored in Afro American studies. Me and my guy Bruce have ±20 houseplants plus a small container garden. Summer vacation killed our zucchini vine, but we will persevere. We watch lots of football.

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