Well, this is more of a recap. Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time on planes. I protested in DC amid a sea of pink hats, amazing signs, and quite a few good women and men. Went to Copenhagen where I ate enough pickled herring to turn into one, visited four Mikkeller bars, then hopped over to Malmö for some Swedish-style bathing. Mid-Feb, I went to Nigeria for the second time, this trip doing the tough emotional business of burying my father.

But the month closed on a high note with the SFA’s Food Media South in Birmingham, Alabama, where attendees talked about what it means to make good content in these here times.

Photo: That’s Chris Ying, editor-at-large of Lucky Peach. We discussed reporting on immigrant stories. We giggled a lot during our session, but thanks to Peach Dish for snapping what looks to be a very deep moment, because it makes us look super profesh.

In other news: Editing and writing for the next issue of Gravy quarterlyWriting and revising (and revising) my book project.


Updated 27 February 2017.

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