To inquire about hiring me for editorial guidance, writing assignments, or project advice, please send a note.


I work with entrepreneurs, developers, and designers to establish messaging and create website content. This type of writing includes evergreen content like bios, guides, and resources, and timely updates like blog posts and articles. Long-form pieces can be used to build credibility and illustrate expertise to potential clients. When implemented as part of an overall marketing strategy, professional content development can be integral to helping businesses reach their goals.


Effective copywriting considers the reader’s circumstances. Copy on a large banner in a crowded exhibition hall should look, sound, and feel different than copy included in an email to subscribers. I work under the premise that writing has a voice and that it should make a reader feel something. Most copywriting assignments call the reader to action. I work with content strategists and marketing leaders to find creative, relatable ways to educate people and ask them to do something.


As a writer, I appreciate thoughtful, considerate notes on my drafts. I want to be asked questions that help me provide clarity and a sense of purpose. As an editor, I offer the same insight while considering the work’s intention and audience. Whether my client is an environmental consultant with a science-based proposal or an essayist who’s driven by memory and metaphor, I offer suggestions and guidance to help the author craft the best story possible.